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Our Dojang

Do-jang (도장, /’to.t͡ɕaŋ/)
Definition: The formal training facility for martial artists to conduct classes, examinations, and other related activities

Him-cha-ri (힘차리, /‘him.t͡ɕʰa.ɾi/)
Definition: Strength, “Be Strong!”


We pursue excellence,
we develop strong character,
we build a strong community.

About Our Dojang

Himchari Martial Arts is a team of passionate martial artists dedicated to making a positive impact on the world around us, starting with our little corner. We opened our first school in the summer of 2017 and have worked tirelessly since to bring a higher level of martial arts experience to our community.

Our facilities are equipped with professional grade judo mats and martial arts equipment for safe falls and safe training, glass-walled viewing areas for members, and child-sized furniture in our activity rooms for student comfort. We clean the school daily, including disinfecting our mats using hospital grade disinfectant tested by AOAC standards and regularly running disinfectant foggers through the workout area.

Our staff members are handpicked, carefully trained, and First Aid/CPR certified to ensure the whole team is able to providing superior education and safety to all our members. All staff members receive thorough background and driving record checks before joining our team. All our instructors are certified by the World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukkiwon) and regularly updated with current taekwondo standards. We are confident that we provide the best martial arts experience you can find.


Himchari Martial Arts is opening soon!

Contact Info

9244 Old Keene Mill Rd
Burke VA22015

[email protected]


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