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Traditional Taekwondo (Ages 6 & Up)

Taekwondo is the national sport in South Korea and now also an official Olympic sport. Taekwondo is a positive and safe yet challenging martial art that teaches coordination, mental focus, self-discipline, self-efficacy, and healthy mindset. Come see why our taekwondo program is a great option for your family!


The Traditional Taekwondo program will help your child learn to focus, follow directions, show respect. They’ll learn confidence, self-defense, self-control, and increase their self-esteem. All these will improve
children’s social skills and academic life. Our studio itself will be a great place for your child to build bonds and make friends that they can practice their techniques with.


While our classes are fun and exciting, Himchari Martial Arts provides students with a higher level of instruction and true martial arts experience- not just a space to goof around. All our students learn
official World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukkiwon) curriculum. That’s the same curriculum Olympic Taekwondo athletes train in! As they learn techniques, they earn colored tapes on their belts to show progress. When a student earns all their tips, they are eligible to test for their next belt level.


As an individual sport, students are taught to focus on their personal growth and improvement. Our belt promotion system will improve children’s goal setting skills and inspire a Can-Do attitude. Our instructors strive to teach discipline, patience, and respect to all the children. With self-defense techniques and Olympic-style sparring, students will learn not only how to protect themselves but also self-control and responsibility for others’ safety. This control will also promote a law-abiding spirit, better listening skills, and respect for teachers and parents. Training with a partner will help them to learn important character virtues such as teamwork and trustworthiness.


Taekwondo is an indoor sport that can be practiced all year long and at any age or fitness level. Students can sweat and have fun while learning new skills that develop balance, strength, speed, agility, and
cardio-conditioning. These abilities and the physical control of their gross motor skills that students learn through their taekwondo training translate well into any other sport and help create a positive, lifelong relationship with fitness and their bodies.


Himchari Martial Arts is opening soon!

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